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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Andrew Ryan Harms-- Birth Story

Our sweet Andrew Ryan came into the world ON HIS DUE DATE. We were induced, sure, but it was still his due date. I love the punctuality. And I was very ready. The anticipation was killing me.

We got to the hospital at about 7am and met Alicia and Nicole, my nurses. They started my IV and started getting all the paperwork done. They moved me to a cooler room after about an hour, and I was so thankful. I was the only one "in labor" at the hospital. That was kinda nice. I was ready to get the show on the road but apprehensive about the how and how long it would take. I watched New Girl on Netflix and tried to relax. Ryan even got a nap. Haha.

They gave me pitocin and my contractions took a long time to get regular. Also, they had trouble tracking them with the machine. So it took a long time. Dr. Karns came and broke my water after they got more regular and I was dilated 7-8. Pretty soon after that I had my epidural, which was more painful than last time. For some reason. But it was glorious after. Sigh.

After 5-6 hours, I finally dilated to a 10. It was getting so late! My nurses that I LOVED were nearing the end of their shifts, and I hated thinking they might leave. They kept assuring me they would stay, but I knew that offer woudn't last all night. They said if they left it was like seeing a movie and missing the ending! The night nurse came in, so I had three amazing nurses. I mean, wow. Makes me tear up thinking how wonderful they were.

I pushed for 2 or so hours, with a pause in between because the machine didn't track my contractions for a little bit in between. Pushing with an epidural is so difficult because you really cannot feel what you are doing. I knew my family was waiting to meet Andrew, and I knew my nurses had families to get home to.  I did my absolute best. And after about two hours, Andrew emerged! Screaming in perfect rhythm, a little blue and just precious. He was bigger than Lylah, at 8 lbs 2 oz. They laid him on my chest and I just remember Ryan saying "You did so good, baby!" and kissing me over and over. Tears were in his eyes and the euphoria set in. I held A and nursed him and it was absolutely wonderful.

After some skin to skin, breastfeeding, and loving, lots of family came in to see him. Lylah came first, and she was so excited. She kept giggling. She got right in bed with me and gave Andrew pat pats and kisses. Sweet, sweet moments I will never forget. Then she got to have a cupcake. She just sat over on the couch and ate it in peace. Everyone was ohing and awing over Andrew, and I was getting so loopy. I am not sure I made any sense or if I was talking too much. I looked rough, too. I am not sure why I didn't ask for a mirror, or just run a brush through my hair.

Our family left so we could get some rest. I actually was able to sleep, for a about an hour at a time, that first night. We had a great hospital stay, and Andrew is/was such a good eater right away. Everything felt different, but familiar.

Andrew's birth was a fantastic experience. I know that sounds weird, but it was wonderful. Every person at the hospital was kind and helpful, and I could not have had a better experience there. I can't believe we have two kids, and how much we love this little man already. We thank God for giving us another beautiful child. He is already such a tremendous blessing!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lylah-- 2 year old pictures

Newsletter-- 24 months

Dear Lylah,

You are 25 months today, so I guess it's time to write your 24 month blog. Oops. I kept meaning to write it, honest. We had a crazy two months filled with visitors, parties, church events, school, and lots of other stuff. Time really does fly!

Showing off your dance moves when we were trying to take a picture! :) 

You are just growing and changing constantly. You are so tall, and your hair is getting so long. You are in the 97% for height at 95% for weight. You are just starting to look more and more like a kid and not a baby! This gives me such a rush of conflicting emotions! I miss my little baby, but I love watching you learn and grow into your own little person. You give me moments of sweet snuggles and you are so loving. But then other times you just want to do everything YOURSELF. You are definitely teaching me to be patient.

Right now you are very into your baby doll. You love to "mother" her. It's so cute. You say exactly what I say to you, to her. I'll hear you say "You want a snack, baby? Ok. How about cheerios? Ok. Sit down and you can have cheerios." Or you'll say "First we'll change your diaper. Change your diaper baby. Lay down. Then we'll take a nap, baby. Ok?" It's just so funny.

here's a video of you after you put your baby down for a nap:

Last month you started school. You are at the Presbyterian Preschool two days a week, and you love it. I love it, too! You have brought home so much art work. I need to get a big cork board to hang all of it. You go to school with your friend Elizabeth, and you love your teachers!

Your favorite places to go are school, church, the library and the park. You really like to go anywhere if I make it sound exciting. You are an okay shopper. If you have a snack. But hey, me too!

 Trying to kiss the gorilla at the zoo. 

 Finally liking bubbles in the bath. Which is fun! 

 "Can I get some service over here?" 

 You love to be outside!

 We had a great visit with your cousin, Olivia. You were pretty sweet with her. You loved to give her "pat-pats". You didn't really like it when she played with your baby toys. We were constantly on guard because you would try to get on the play mat, especially if Olivia was playing on it. Olivia is so sweet and it was so fun to see you together. Can't wait to see you grow up together!

Lylah, we love you so much. You have enriched our lives so much and brought us so much joy. It's crazy. I feel like my heart has grown...doubled! Tripled! these past two years. I can't imagine not having my peanut. Thank you for being you!

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lylah 22 and 23 months-- Newsletter

Dear Lylah,

I had to combine these two months because time just got away from me! You keep me very busy! You are constantly on the go. And always talking. You speak exclusively in sentences now. Everyone always comments on how much you talk!

This month you've decided you want to learn the sign for EVERYTHING. We'll say something...and you'll say "Mommy sign....." And I'll say (if I don't know it) "Hmm, I don't know the sign for that. Do you?" And you will make something up. And sometimes I think you are right! Or just really good at making up signs. Daddy spends a lot of time looking up signs.

I wrote down a few of your "phrases" that I NEVER want to forget. :)

basketball= backet-ski-ball
puffs= pups
ladder= climb up
sunscreen= ice scream
library= ly-baby
oatmeal= oh-meal

Here you are doing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" :)

This month you've developed an irrational fear of flies. If you see a fly buzzing around the house, especially if you are in your chair eating, you haaaate it. You will cover your eyes and say you are "Scared of the fly!" It's gotten a little bit better, but let's just say we keep the fly swatter handy.

You love a good trip to the park, and a trip to the ly-baby (library). You especially love the library when they have popcorn and a movie. You've made friends with certain cashiers at Walmart, and love going there to see Carol and Mindy. That just shows how often we go to Walmart. HA! Too much. Wish it was Target! Come on, Stillwater. Work with me here.

You've been taking swim lessons which you LOVE. It's the same parent and tot class you took last year and it's pretty fun. You are a little fish. Here's a video: (This is at GrandMama's neighborhood pool, not at swim lessons)

During class you always want to "Swim this way" and go away from the class. You have your own ideas on where you want to go. You love doing the Hokey Pokey and Humpty Dumpty. 

We had a fun 4th of July in Perry, where we saw the Harms side of the family. You saw some fireworks, and played with Cousin Mary. You LOVE Cousin Mary. You have so much fun with her!

Summer has been good to us! Lots of swimming, play dates, visits, park days, family and friends!

One new thing you've really started doing is singing. You sing lots of songs....quite the variety! You love Taylor Swift, and demand her songs in the car by name. And you love to sing them randomly throughout the day. And you also will randomly pick up radio songs, and sing them later. It blows my mind! 
You also love your "Bible Music" and request it frequently. Your favorites from your CD are "Lord's Army" and "Into my Heart". Last week we were driving to swim lessons and you started singing along to "I have decided to follow Jesus." It was the most special moment. Brought tears to my eyes, and Daddy and I loved it. Sweet, sweet girl. 


I caught you today singing to your bear and putting him to sleep. So sweet! You know "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" is your night-night song!

You are a GREAT eater. Like, really good. Too good. You can PUT AWAY the food. Mommy has recently loosened the reins on the foods you can have. You've eaten pizza, a hot dog (the horror!), cookies....I mean, I can't believe myself. One day I will read this and think it was silly that I cared about that...but oh well. First child.

You love a good tickle! I hate this game, because I am so ticklish, but you love to play "Get Mommy! Get Lylah! Get Daddy!" Daddy is not so ticklish, so he gets lucky. But I usually wind up squealing!

We love you so much, Peanut! You make our lives so full and so fun. You are friendly, loving, demanding, energetic, loud, and amazing. I can't imagine my life without your sweet smile and your sweet requests for "Hug. Kiss". Thank you for being you!

Before we know it, you'll be TWO! 

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Newsletter-- 21 months

Dear Lylah, 

You are just getting so big! My back pain is definitely proof. I know you are 28.8 pounds because I had to take you to the doctor yesterday for your awful rash that I don't want to talk about because I gave it to you with my fever blisters and sharing my water bottle. I've already said too much. 

This month has been the month of "Lylah do it!" You say it all the time. Even if we aren't doing anything for you, but it's clear we're thinking about it. 

You want to put your shoes on by yourself, scoop your food by yourself, put your clothes on yourself....everything. You are definitely getting more and more independent. You get frustrated when you can't do something, and will eventually ask for help. Then you say "Lylah do it!" again, and the cycle continues. 

You talk ALL day. And recite lyrics. And your numbers. And letters. Here you are "singing"...


You often say things that I am about to say. Apparently, I have certain phrases I say constantly, and you pick up on them. For example, if you crawl into one of the kitchen table chairs, I say "Are you sitting in that chair?" And you'll say "like a big girl!" Because I've said that before. Or after you get aspirated, you say "All done! Did so good." And recently, if I ask you to say hi to someone, you say "Being shy." 

Every time you play the piano, you say "DA DA DAAAA". Always. 

You are obsessed with the Barbies and Barbie car I found at a garage sale. You also love puzzles, books, stickers, coloring (although sometimes it turns into "Mommy do it" and I end up coloring), pulling your puppy around, and anything with Elmo. Except TV. Too stressful, apparently. Anytime Elmo leaves the screen you cry. Maybe one day.

I love this face!

This month school ended, so we are adjusting to having no where to be. :) It's been kinda nice, actually! We just got back from Austin, where we met your cousin, Olivia. 

You really surprised us with how well you did on the 8 hour car ride, and sleeping in the pack'n play. It was in the biggest master closet ever at a rent house, but still. You were amazing. I was so worried for nothing. And you loved Olivia. She is precious!

Snuggling with Daddy

You love to be tickled, and your big tickle spot is under your chin. So cute. 

A little bug watching. . .

Being outside is your absolute favorite thing. You love to color with sidewalk chalk in the front yard, play with your car and blow bubbles. In the backyard, you love to swing, step in holes the dogs have dug, and take their toys from them. And you like to throw tennis balls for the dogs to chase. They don't go very far yet, but we're workin' on it. 

Peanut, you are just too much fun. You are loud, funny, demanding, cuddly, loving, friendly, sweet and  active. We cannot imagine our lives without you! 

We love you so much! 

Mom and Dad